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My name is Loretta R. I’d like to take a minute to say how grateful & thankful I am, that my hair stylist & friend (Deb) shared a good dentist with me. I’ve being trying to get my teeth fixed or get dentures for a couple of years now. When I went to my 1st appt,.  I was very impressed on how nice all the staff are & the welcoming tour of the dental office, along with the welcome gift was just wonderful.

Dr. Cherrington is a very nice & gentle Dentist, after deciding to get dentures (had too many bad teeth). I let him know about my concerns about my teeth, gums & the problems of my past experiences.

Dr. Cherrington sat with me and wanted to know about my personality. I couldn’t believe he took the time to be interested in who I am & what I do for a living (I’m a pediatric LPN nurse-home care & just love my patients who are medically fragile little angels to me).

Dr. Cherrington & the office staff met to have their monthly meeting on who they were going to pay it forward.

I got a surprise  call the next morning & they chose me. Wow! I feel so blessed and thankful.

I think Dr. Cherrington & his staff are great &  I thank God for having the opportunity to get such a blessing & with having wonderful people touch my life.

Forever thankful,
Loretta R.

“I love Cherrington Dental. First of all, I’ve always hated going to the dentist…I’m 60 years young, so that’s quite a while. I was looking for a new dentist because I wasn’t happy with my last dentist.  I was at a yogurt place and in walked Dr. Cherrington with some flyers (grass roots type of guy…I like that) and he told me he was opening up a dentists office in this shopping area.  It was fate.  He’s been my dentist now for 3/4 years. I always watch how people treat their staff and the way the staff reacts.  You could tell there was a mutual respect between them. He’s always honest with me.  I wanted something done a specific way.  He said “if you were my mother here is what I would say to her.  I will do it your way but you will not be happy with the results.”  Needless to say I took Dr. Cherrington’s advice and I am still happy with the results. Guess what?   I don’t hate going to the dentist anymore.  I love going and saying hello to his friendly staff.  My family is treated like we are his family every time one of us is there.

Good guy, family man, honest, and a great smile.

I’ll support that any day of the week.”

– Sally & Thomas K.


“Dr. Cherrington and his staff are very caring and compassionate….and I am a big baby when it comes to the dentist…. dentist phobia as I call it!!!!  I moved to Vegas in 2011 and have used Dr. Cherrington since I got here. Easy location to find and very modern. Great staff and dentist. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!”

– Judi C.


“After trying out several dentists in Vegas, I finally found Dr. Cherrington thru Groupon ! They give you personalized service and make you feel important.  I was first given a little tour of the different rooms and they gave me a welcome bag of goodies, which included some yummy cookies.

The doctor spent time explaining the condition of my teeth and what needed to be done and it wasn’t nearly as extensive as what other dentists had told me previously.  I felt like he was being honest with me and not trying to rip me off.

The hygienist really spent time cleaning my teeth and gave me the best cleaning I’ve ever had.  The whole staff was very friendly and they seem to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.  I’m very happy to have finally found a dentist that I like & that does good work at a reasonable cost.”

– Penny C.


“Thanks for the positive experience. Both Laura and Dr. Cherrington were great. Proof… I already booked my next appointment!”

– Deborah S.


“Cherrington Dental provided an exceptionally clean and welcoming environment. The service was friendly, and I really felt like they were happy to have me as a new client. Unlike many dental offices, they did not push any unnecessary treatments or procedures. They told me about their services and listened to my concerns before proceeding. PLUS they gave me a bag of cookies!!!

Who does that?!?”

Brian F.


“Dr. Cherrington is professional, honest, and efficient.  I would happily refer him to anyone asking about high-quality dental services in Las Vegas.”

Richard E.


“I never thought I would say this BUT I actually like my dentist. I’ve been seeing Dr. Cherrington for about two years now. I have an odd work schedule and live out of town but the receptionists go out of the way to work with my schedule and get me the appointments I need.  Dr. Cherrington and his assistants are all extremely nice and very professional. Joanna always seems to be the one assisting when I’m in the chair. We actually have some laughs while I’m in the chair. It definitely lightens the mood. Dr. himself always calls the next day to check in and see how things are going. That’s a nice, professional touch. I would, and do, recommend Dr. Cherrington and his entire staff, to anyone and everyone looking for quality dental care in a friendly, clean environment. I feel very fortunate to have him as my dentist. Thanks to all of you.

You’re the best.”

– Ron D.


“I have had a wonderful experience at Cherrington Dental.  Everyone is very warm and friendly.  I would recommend Cherrington Dental to all.”

– Maria R.


“My husband and I like Cherrington Denatl very much! It was the first time ever that we found a visit to the dentist actually pleasurable. Love your hospitality, and especially the hot chocolate and cookies. Many thanks and warm regards.”

– Audrey K.


“I am very pleased with the care and expertise that I experienced at Cherrington Dental. I am allergic to many dental products, so I was pleased that Dr. Cherrington reviewed my extensive tests to determine that nothing he used would react adversely with my blood chemistry. Dr. Cherrington is professional, kind, efficient and charges fairly for his services.

I highly recommend Cherrington Dental.”

Celeste P.